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Where’s my head?!?

January 25, 2017


Sometimes I forget I have a head…..and shoulders….and arms….and legs…in fact sometimes I forget   I have body at all.

Like many people with Autism I have a very low body awaness which causes me to even forget that my limbs are attached to me it’s the most weirdest sensation ever to describe it kinder feels like I’m just floating. For an example you know where your hands are without the need to touch them but I constantly  have to shake them or grab onto them so I can be aware that they are there. I often bump into things and people or trip over because I can’t adjust my body in order to protect myself from a slope or a obstacle because of the lack of body awareness.

I will often seem all floppy like a rag doll even when I’m full of beans, I walk like a “windmill” as I walk I rock side to side and waddle Lila a penguin this is all part and parcel of low body awareness. To try and help myself feel more “attached” to my body I will jump, shake my hands, constantly touch my face. All of these facts help me to feel more grounded and attached to my body it’s also why so many people with Autism love the tight pressure of tight hugs or confined places because once the weight or pressure is placed on our body we become more aware of where our body is in space and time.

(I told you it’s hard to explain)

My head and shoulders are the worse effected which is the same for a lot of others people with Autism too which is why weighted jackets have the most weights around the shoulders as that is where the most sensory therapy is needed. Though the head is harder to ground as so many people can’t imagine actually forgetting your head…..well it is possible

anyway so when I was younger I use to stand on the sofa on my head so I had the constant grounded feeling. On bad days I will get my siblings to push hard against my head and face or I will often do it to myself with two hand pushing down on my head for 10 seconds 5 times and I will do for as long as it takes these are called sensory therapies which helps us feel more grounded and safe. There is another thing which helps me feel safe which includes having a blanket or my weighted lap pad on my head or even my hood up constantly and though this may look  “strange” to you it makes sense to me and millions of people who suffer from low body awareness.

It makes me feel safe by letting me know exactly where my head is so the next time you see someone with maybe a obsession with there good always being up or maybe a blanket on there head don’t judge because which may seem weird to you may give comfort to them.

You don’t always have to understand everyone’s journey just be accepting and welcoming.💕



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